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"Gary Lamb is a definite new force in music!"
Greg Philippi, Music Supervisor - ABC Television

"Gary's music is emotionally sincere. It touches the listener's heart."
Emanuel Kallins, Music Director - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

"We were producing a heavy drama about women and abusive situations and how they climb out and we needed music that was heartfelt and also thematic. Gary did it. We bought all 12 as royalty free and we continue to be inspired by his music. Thank you Gary."

— Geoff Foley, Producer ,Sacramento, CA

"I am convinced music is the key to an award winning video. Gary Lamb's music is priceless and worth its weight in gold."

— Art Polin, PROVA and WEVA Creative Excellence Award winning videographer

In Memory of September 11
FEMA featured Gary Lamb's "By the Light of the Moon" (Track #6) on their slide show presentation on The Today Show on September 10, 2002.

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"The Rememberance Gallery"

Credits and affiliations include:  Cisco Systems, CBS Sports, Apple Computer, Ameritas Corporation, Disney, Aaron Spelling Productions, IBM, Silicon Graphics, "Good Morning America", "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", "ABC Wide World of Sports", "Guiding Light", "Hard Copy", "Melrose Place", "Entertainment Tonight", Airlines (United, American, Delta, TWA, Continental), Bose Corporation, GlaxoWelcome, Supermac, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Time Warner Cable Network, Radius, Iomega, Kenwood USA, Johnson Wax, PG&E, NASA, Ames Research Center, Marriot, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Music's Columbia House.

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